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USA Today says:

Icelandics and Scandinavians have been lining on that Door County Island since 1870. Decedents helped build the wooden church modeled after a Medieval church in Norway and resembling a Viking ship in the 1990's. The church is an anchor for their cultural identity, “Goldsmith says,” It is a reminder of what was while providing a sense of possibility of what can be carried forward. (USA Today, Friday October 28, 2009)


Wikipedia says:

Most of the people who settled in Washington were Scandinavian immigrants, especially Icelanders. Today, Washington Island is one of the oldest Icelandic communities in the United States and among the largest outside of Iceland itself.

Washington Island Heritage Conservancy Inc.:

Is a non-profit civic organization whose mission is to promote the understanding, appreciation and celebration of the ethnic heritage of the residents of Washington Island.

Thorstein Veblen Study Cabin:

The world famous economist Thorstein Veblen spent a good deal of time on Washington Island between 1896 and 1926. In 1915 he bought a property on Little Lake and built a home for his wife and two children. At the same time he built a study cabin where he wrote. The Study Cabin is located near the Jen Jacobson Museum and is being restored to its 1926 condition when Veblen last worked there.


October 28 status

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Washington Island Heritage Video:

This 2012 video was commissioned by the Washington Island Chamber and the Washington Island Ferry. It takes about 30 minutes to view the entire film. It has sections on Thorstein Veblen, Jens Jacobson, and Chester Thordison