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Useful Veblen Web Sites

International Thorstein Veblen Association - The goal of ITVA is to encourage research and scholarship on Veblen's work, life, sources, influences, and the continuing relevance of his thought for analyses of contemporary social, economic and political life

Veblenite Site - The main goals of this sites are:

  • to introduce into personality and work of American economist and social critic Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929).
  • to place all of his works as a repository to everyone's disposal (as far as not copyright protected),
  • to work out the relevance of his thoughts for the present times.

Veblen on Wikipedia - Veblen on Wikipedia.

Saving of Veblen's childhood home in Minnesota - Saving of Veblen's childhood home in Minnesota


Veblen on Washington Island Documents

Russell and Sylvia Bartley: Veblen on Washington Island - The current definitive publication on Veblen on Washington Island.

Esther Gunderson - A 1963 Masters Paper by Island native, Esther Gunnerson concerning Veblen on Washington Island.

Russell Bartley: Unexamined Moments- Unexamined Moments: Analysis of the biographical gaps in the Veblen life story.

Slide Presentation: Saving the Family Home - Saving of Veblen's childhood home in Minnesota